Truck Accident Lawyers

A collision with a kansas city truck accident lawyers to severe injuries such as broken bones, nerve damage and paralysis. These conditions can cause massive medical expenses and loss of income, which can bankrupt a victim’s family. A skilled kansas city truck accident lawyer can build a strong case and seek compensation to cover these damages.

The Law Office of Kevin McManus specializes in handling long-term disability disputes on behalf of victims of 18-wheeler accidents. The firm helps them recover full compensation from liable parties and insurance companies. Its team of lawyers is experienced in dealing with complex cases involving large trucks and other vehicles. Its clients include those who suffer from severe injuries and have been forced to stop working or live with permanent disabilities.

Trucking Accident Experts: Kansas City’s Top-Rated Attorneys at Your Service

Some of the common causes of truck accidents are driver fatigue, speeding and reckless driving, unbalanced loads, and lack of proper training. Other issues include improper hiring practices, and company pressure on drivers to meet unrealistic delivery deadlines. Truck manufacturers and maintenance entities can also be held liable for mechanical failures.

Injured truck accident victims can receive compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. They can also get financial support for travel costs incurred for receiving treatment. A competent kansas city truck accident attorney will evaluate the elements of their client’s case to determine its value. They will take into account the extent of the injuries, property damage and the degree of negligence.