Our Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement for the association Common Norge Norwegian VAT number. 970 011 102.

The data controller

The general manager is on behalf of Common Norway in charge of the association’s processing of personal data.

Purpose of processing

The purpose of this association is to increase the IT competence and safeguard the interests of member company’s vis-a-vie selected suppliers. In order to perform the association purpose, as well as to invoice membership fees, the association has a legitimate interest in collecting and storing data about the member companies and contact persons at the member companies. We process the data in order to carry out our obligations under agreement with the member organizations and with the Norwegian authorities.

The basis of treatment.

Information about member companies, personal name, telephone, email address and the interests of the association is held to fulfill the society’s purpose.

Upon enrollment in the association, whomever enrolls the business has consented to the information stored to provide information, offers and service via email, telephone and SMS. The basis of this processing is the data Protection Regulation, ART 6 (a). This means that your contact details as an employee of a member company are stored and assembled in our member register. Similarly applies to those who sign up for newsletters on their corporate behalf.

Through our website, everyone may search up the business to verify that the membership is valid and that the business has the right to member discounts etc. The basis of this processing is the data Protection Regulation, ART 6 (b).

The Association organizes courses and conferences. In those cases where we charge for participation, we are required by the Government to store this information. The basis of this processing is the data Protection Regulation, ART 6 (c)

Personal data stored

We store the following personal information about contact persons at the member companies:

  • Personal name, telephone number, email address and professional interests that the association serves.’
  • We also store attendance at courses and conferences that we invoice, as we are legally required to keep this information for a certain number of years of accounting reasons.

Where the information is retrieved from

Option 1: We store the personal information you have provided in connection with the enrollment or updating of the contact person in the member company.

Option 2: We store the personal information you have provided on our websites in connection with registration and reading of newsletters. We use cookies on our websites to provide you with a visit to the site A most relevant experience for registering the type of services our visitors are interested in and for measuring traffic on our websites. The Electronic Communications Act requires us to inform our visitors about the use of cookies. Cookies do not pose a security risk to you, but if you wish, you can set your browser so that it does not accept the use of cookies. Through the browser, you can also delete all stored cookies. COMMON NORWAY uses temporary and persistent third-party cookies. The persistent third-party cookies may be stored in your browser for up to 24 months.

Option 3: We store the personal information you have provided on our websites in connection with registration and participation in our courses and conferences.

Person Profiles

COMMON NORWAY uses person profiles to be the most relevant to your business and you. This means that we are compiling information we have received from you, what services you use and web behavior.


Once you have been in contact with COMMON NORWAY, we may send you a survey to ask you about how your experience was (GDPR article 6 No. 1 f). In this way we learn how to improve ourselves. It is voluntary to respond to the survey, and if you do not wish to share this type of information with us, please do not respond to the survey.

We also use the data to provide you with important information about business membership relationships, by email phone, SMS and postal mail.

Disclosure of information to third parties

We will not share, sell, transfer or otherwise disclose personal information to others unless we are legally obligated to do so.

Rights of the data subject

We process your personal information in accordance with the Personal Data act and applicable regulations. Please note that you have free access to personal data and may require rectification or deletion of information. However, we remind you that some data cannot be erased if it conflicts with information we are legally required to store for the public in a specified time.

If you have experienced anything you believe is a breach of the privacy policy, you can complain by sending a written request to the Data Protection Authority, Post box 8177, 0034 Oslo, Norway.

Deletion of personal data

Information we have received in is stored in our active registry. The data we post under the Posting Act is obliged to retain will be stored for at least 5 years, subject to statutory requirements.


COMMON NORWAY anonymizes Information about you when it is no longer considered necessary to store the information. Such information may be used for purposes that cannot be linked to you personally, such as statistics that can help us improve and further develop our services.

Information security

We safeguard your personal data by both physical and virtual access and access control, as well as encryption of sensitive pieces of information provided.


Any person in our register may request information about what we have registered on that person. Please contact us for information about rectification and deletion of your data.

You can opt out of receiving information from us at any time. At the bottom of all mail from us there is a link to stop mail from us. This is the most reliable solution for stopping information from us. We respect your wish, but please observe that you may subscribe to more than one newsletter.

Data processors

COMMON NORWAY has entered into data processing agreements with anyone who processes personal data on behalf of COMMON Norway. The data processors will, upon agreement with COMMON NORWAY, process personal data in a reasonable manner and may not use the information for their own purposes. COMMON NORWAY requires data processors to provide safe information security and deletion of personal data.

In order to fulfil our financial obligations under agreement on member terms, necessary information is provided to the following partners:

Member and Event Invoice: Stabekk Regnskapsserice AS, Effektus AS / StyreWeb, Visma and Visma Collectors

Effektus AS / StyreWeb as a member system to manage the companies membership and contact persons in the businesses

Website usage statistics: Google Analytics

Newsletter Mailing: MailChimp

Member surveys and feedbacksurveymonkey.com

None of this information is used to identify individuals. We use this information to create an aggregate statistic that shows, among other things, which pages are most popular and what information visitors are searching for. That way, we can make our pages better suited to what visitors want from information.

In addition, COMMON NORWAY uses tools for managing ads and for keeping track of traffic from paid services. We use AdForm, DoubleClick and Facebook.


COMMON NORWAY may update this privacy policy to reflect any changes to our services.


The Norwegian text is the original and has priority. In case of an error occurring as a consequence of translation the Norwegian text has legal precedence.

Last revised 2nd of June 2019