Mathews Archery – Innovation at Its Best


For 31 years, Mathews Archery has been known as one of the industry’s premier bow manufacturers. The company is committed to continuous innovation, a core value that drives the design and development of each new product. Over the years, innovations like the Solocam single-cam technology, roller guards and parallel limb designs have revolutionized the bow hunting and target worlds.

The company’s latest offering is the 2023 Phase 4 model. The new flagship bow is designed to be the quietest, most accurate and smoothest shooting bow on the market, thanks to a variety of innovations.

Mathews Archery: Shaping the Future of Bowhunting

In addition to the new grip, limb pockets and 3D Damping Technology, the Phase 4 features Mathews patented Crosscentric cams and modules. These cams are designed to provide a more uniform limb-to-cam contact point, resulting in less vibration at the shot. The new cams also allow the shooter to fine-tune peak draw weight in 5-pound increments by changing the module.

The Phase 4 also includes the new Bridge-Lock accessory system, which eliminates the need for a side-mount stabilizer bracket by creating a dovetail slot above the riser shelf that accepts Bridge-Lock accessories. This makes for a much cleaner and sleeker look on the bow.

Another of the McPherson’s company’s key values is impact, which they demonstrate through their work with charitable organizations such as the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) and CenterShot Ministries. The company also works with the Boys Scouts, 4-H and Girls Clubs to promote archery to youth and young adults.