Knee Surgeon – Melbourne

knee surgeon melbourne is the largest and most used joint in the body, and can be subject to significant wear and tear from daily activities. Knee injuries and knee arthritis are not uncommon and can significantly impact quality of life. While there are a number of non-surgical treatments for knee problems, sometimes surgery may be required to get you back on your feet and enjoying your favourite activities again.

Knee replacement surgery is a complex procedure and requires expert and experienced surgeons to ensure that it is performed correctly. At Victorian Bone & Joint Specialists our internationally trained orthopaedic surgeons are dedicated to helping you return to your life after knee surgery.

We are committed to providing a tailored approach to your individual needs and delivering high quality outcomes for our patients. We offer a range of surgical options to address your knee problem including routine, partial and robotic joint replacement, sports knee surgery, ligament reconstruction, osteotomy, cartilage and meniscus repair or transplant as well as complex and revision knee surgeries.

Knee Care Excellence: Finding the Best Surgeon in Melbourne

Our team of knee specialists will discuss the most appropriate treatment options for you during your consultation at one of our Melbourne consulting rooms. We will always consider non-surgical options like activity modification, weight loss, optimizing medications, temporary injections of steroid/hyaluronic acid and physiotherapy before considering surgical options.

As a private hospital we are able to offer you the choice of surgeon and surgery time, which can be difficult in the public hospital system where wait times for surgery can be long. We also have competitive and transparent fees for our services, which we explain to you during your consultation.

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