Holistic Doctor – Is it Worth the Extra Cash?

A holistic doctor is a healthcare practitioner who uses a variety of health care practices to treat the whole person, not just their symptoms. They might use acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements to heal patients instead of just prescribing pills.

What does a holistic doctor do?

Holistic doctors dig into a patient’s whole health history to find the elements that are causing their physical symptoms. Then they recommend personalized care approaches that merge traditional medical practices with holistic therapies.

They might prescribe a medication to address your eczema, for instance, but also suggest you take dietary supplements and make changes to your diet, like adding more greens. They might also recommend a relaxing therapy, such as meditation or yoga, to help you manage your stress levels.

These practitioners also focus on educating their patients so they can take an active role in their own wellbeing. This might include testing your vitamin deficiencies so you can take clinically proven supplements, or suggesting a practice that’s meant to ease your pain, like acupuncture.

People are noticing that these doctors seem to charge more than their traditional counterparts, but many people say the care is worth it—even when they have to dig into their savings. We spoke to five people who have dished out the cash to see holistic doctors about their experience and whether they think it was worth it.