Car Park Deck Waterproofing Services

expert car park deck waterproofing services

The importance of a good quality expert car park deck waterproofing services is not only to extend the design life of a multi-story car park structure but also to provide important safety and environmental benefits. The use of a suitable waterproofing membrane prevents the structural damage caused by the penetration of water into concrete decks and protects the occupants from accidents such as slipping on wet or icy surfaces.

NCC’s resin flooring specialists have both the technical expertise and practical experience to advise in assessing the condition of existing car parks, and selecting and specifying the best car park deck coating systems. These can include a range of different solutions to address the specific requirements of both new and refurbishment works. These may include systems that address the need for skid resistance, the demarcation of parking bays and walkways, and help to create a welcoming environment for your occupants.

Sealing Excellence: The Art and Science of Expert Car Park Deck Waterproofing Services

A typical survey will also identify a wide range of small problems that can be addressed in order to maintain the long term performance of your car park waterproofing. These can include asphalt bay joints failing, upstands deteriorating and oil contamination. Defective expansion joints and damp patches to the ceiling and walls below the parking level are also common problems found on surveys.

Unlike other decks that are typically closed, open plan car parks are exposed to huge dynamic loads and thermal fluctuations. In addition to this they are subjected to abrasion and corrosion from de-icing salts and other contaminants that cars introduce. A high standard mastic asphalt waterproofing system can meet all of the demands of the modern car park and its extreme foot and vehicular traffic. The combination of its aesthetically pleasing, seamless finish and extreme durability singles it out as the premium choice for car park waterproofing.