A Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Can Be an Invaluable Resource

A los angeles ca criminal defense attorney can be an invaluable resource to have on your side during the course of a criminal trial. These lawyers can protect your rights and help you avoid a conviction that could tarnish your reputation for life. They can also work to get charges dismissed or even reduced so that you don’t have to go through the court system.

Expert Criminal Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA

If you’re facing serious criminal charges, such as murder or burglary, it’s important to consult a Los Angeles criminal lawyer to learn more about your rights and options. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you avoid jail time, fines and other penalties that would follow a conviction.

The law firm of Eisner Gorin LLP represents doctors, business owners, police officers and other high-profile clients in California and nationally. The firm works to avoid trials by intervening in cases before they’re filed and negotiating with prosecutors. Its partners have more than 60 years of combined experience handling high-stakes misdemeanor and felony cases for celebrities, doctors and other businesspeople.

At Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers, attorney Michael Kraut provides comprehensive legal services for Los Angeles residents facing a wide range of criminal charges. He is known for “working up” his own case by conducting a thorough investigation separate from that conducted by law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys. He has tried a record number of 86 felony jury trials and won an impressive 99% of those cases.