How About Letting HCL Update Your Design For You?

HCL is continuing their quest on how to make it even easier for you to transform your Domino applications into modern looking apps for both mobile and Notes.

The first thing you should check out is a thing that already exists.

Domino Application icons

In Domino 12.0.1 you will be able to use much more nicer looking icons for your applications in the Notes or Nomad clients. They can now be displayed with the resolution 64 x 64px or greater. Application icons updates will  appear on all clients. In the 12.0.1 workspace template, if icons are less than 64x64px in size, they will still display at 32×32 px.

HCL provided templates will update on end-user’s Workspace once the application is opened:

Standard Notes application icons


You can also create your own application icons:

Custom Notes application icons

“And how do I do that?” you ask. Very simple. HCL has created a complete guide on how to do that. They have even included icons and graphics to help get you started. Download it here!

Project ReStyle

Imagine you starting an application that makes it possible for you to import an existing Notes database and give it a complete graphical makeover? A dream come true? This isn’t a product that is on the market yet. But this is how HCL plan for such a solution to work:

First you choose if this makeover should be done for the Notes Client, HCL Nomad for Web, HCL Nomad Tablet and/or HCL Nomad – Smartphone:

Application Delivery Channel


Then you choose a pre-defined design style:

Application Styles and Colors


Then you confirm and validate:

Validate Selection and Begin Process


The Notes application would now get a graphical makeover for the platform(s) you have chosen. Neat, eh?

If you would like to see this solution become a reality, head over to the idea’s forum and vote for it!

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