You Get Verse to Get Better

HCL Verse v2.2.0 is now out with loads of new features. Read all about them here. 

HCL Verse is the web based client for working with email and calendaring with your Domino mail server. This means that you access your email and calendar via a web interface instead of through the Notes client. It does not give you access to other Domino applications that you are running inside Notes. (Verse also exists as a mobile app for Android and iOS but that client is a separate app which is not featured here).

HCL’s newest release of Verse is out now. In this release, HCL say they continue investing their efforts in integration between Verse and Sametime and enhancing mail capabilities.

With the new features, you will be able to chat with your team members with one click from the mail view. Also, you no longer need to switch back and forth between browsers and Notes (or Outlook) delegated mail files.

Here are some features in the latest release:

Sametime awareness icon of the sender in mail view

Sametime awareness in HCL Verse

With this feature, when you open an email, you will see the sender’s Sametime status just next to their name. If the sender is online, you can click on the icon and initiate a chat with them immediately.

Archive Enhancements

Archive mail in HCL Verse


In Verse 1.0.8 HCL introduced the ability to access archived mail files. In 2.2.0, you can now archive, or restore from the archive, single messages using Verse.

Type Ahead List

Remove from typeahead in HCL Verse


Have you ever wanted to remove someone from your type-ahead list when you compose an email?

The suggestion in your type-ahead list is based on your interaction with that person/email. HCL introduce a new preference that allows you to remove any person or email from that list based on your needs. This action is reversible.

HCL Connections v6.5 and v7 support

You don’t have to worry about the versioning support of Connections in Verse if you are using Connections Profiles and File Previewing in Verse. HCL now supports the latest versions of Connections.

Why Verse?

Why would you use Verse when you can use Notes or Outlook with your Domino mail server?

The answer can be split into two parts: The verse app on mobile, both on Android and iPhone, is much better and more stable than the Outlook app. We at NCUG know, because we are using both.

When it comes to the Verse web app, there are several reasons:

  • With proven enterprise security powered by Domino you have a very secure web based mail client
  • It’s a simple, easy-to-navigate mail and calendar experience
  • Companies that have remote workers with low bandwidth can use a light weight web based mail and calendar client instead of a heavy client
  • You can customise the design of Verse so that you get your companies logo, design and templates
  • Very good and robust admin settings for user features
  • Modern, clean, clear UI accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Top-actions view based on a user’s priorities
  • A fast, smart search based on analytics
  • Simple and intuitive sharing and built-in collaboration
  • Boosts productivity by surfacing the right people, content, and actions within a single interface
  • Available across different operating systems (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android)
  • New features are delivered on a quarterly basis
  • Highly flexible deployment options
  • 31 languages are supported

But we already have iNotes

Yes, you do, but that is no longer being updated, and it will be discontinued in the not so distant future. Also: It’s old and not updated with the newest web design technologies like Verse is. iNotes doesn’t have the analytic tools that Verse has (see the feature list above) So we recommend that you upgrade to Verse instead. It’s very easy, and your HCL Business Partner should be able to get it up and running in less than a day.

What’s not that great?

The Contacts application still uses the iNotes design, which is a pain in the behind, and very confusing. It’s very hard to understand why HCL haven’t updated the Contacts part of Verse yet, but there we are. It’s high on the priority list for the next release.

Also: There is some functionality missing that you would expect from a mail client, but for the most part, you get your email and calendar work done.

Visit the product page for more information.

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