Is That Really the HCL Notes Workspace?

And the answer is: Yes, it is! From Tuesday 24th of August you can test Notes V12.0.1 in beta, as well as Domino V12.0.1 and HCL Traveler for Outlook. And there’s more!

HCL just announced that HCL Notes/Domino V12.0.1 now is almost ready for beta testing by anyone who has access to FlexNet. This means that also regular customers can get access by contacting their HCL Business partner and ask them to download if for them.

All HCL asks is that you give your feedback, both good an bad, as well as reports of errors, in their beta forum (but it’s not an obligation, just a request).

HCL Notes 12.0.1

The most important news is that you can now finally test DOMI, which we blogged about here. This means that Notes will have native integration of online meeting platforms like ZoomWebexGoToMeetingTeams and of course Sametime Meetings. So, from within the Notes calendar users can now more easily schedule online meetings on their preferred platform without having to install a plug-in.

Also: The new Notes workspace looks glorious. Now it’s possible to use high resolution images as application icons for your Notes applications and databases. And then you can make the workspace, as well as your icons, look so much better. Here is a screenshot provided by HCL where you can see what the new icons for the standard Notes applications like mail, calendar etc will look like:

HCL Notes 12.0.1 Beta workspace


And you know that tiny, tiny properties box you get when you right click on a document or Notes application? That’s a thing of the past too. You can now resize it:

Resized Notes V12.0.1 properties box


And that’s not all! The properties box will now also allow you to search for field names and values, it also provides the requested ability to copy to clipboard or export to a CSV file:

Export from HCL Notes V12.0.1 properties box to CSV

Here’s everything that is new in Notes V12.01.

HCL Domino Designer

The Designer will be available in 64-bit and will also give you the ability to include high quality icons for rendering and enables developers to optimize the database full text index by defining which fields to be included in the index.

Complete list of all updates to the Designer.

HCL Domino Server

Here are the most important updates:

  • One-touch Domino setup with the ability to register users automatically
  • Certificate Manager is now integrated and does not require the DSAPI filter configuration anymore
  • Domino Directory is improved 
  • Updates to the QVault tool for better manageability of ID’s in the Vault
  • Compare DB’s – a new template for developers to compare the design elements of two apps with each other
  • Entitlement Tracking now providing monthly reports 

Complete list of updates to the server.

HCL Traveler for Microsoft Outlook (HTMO) 3.0.3

The traveler server isn’t just for the HCL Verse mobile client, it also gives you the opportunity to let your users decide which mail client to use, without creating trouble inside your organisation.

HTMO in version 3.0.3 is providing the following new features:

  • Full support for delegated access (mail, calendar, contact)  
  • Improvements to the out-of-office user interface 
  • Performance improvements 

What’s new for Microsoft Outlook support.

All this less than two months since the general release of Notes/Domino V12!

Remember to download the beta and help improve Notes/Domino from tomorrow.

All images (C) HCL.

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