What’s New in the HCL Community #13: No Summer Holiday

HCL didn’t rest on their laurels this summer. Nordic versions of Notes V11 and a lot more has been announced, published and released. Get the newest information here!

Nordic Notes and Vol apps

First of all: As we announced here earlier this week, Notes V11.0.1 is now available in Finnish, Danish and Norwegian. It’s already been available in Swedish since it was released.

HCL has also provided a showroom where you can see ready made templates for various business scenarios. Here is what HCL writes about the showroom:

This makes it easy for you to build your next Domino Volt app using these as starters and feel free to reuse components for all other apps you build moving forward. Building apps is now faster and easier than ever.

After upgrading to Domino V12, you can simply download these applications and either work with them out of the box, or make your own changes to them.

Here are the templates that are ready so far:

  1. Candidate Recruitment
  2. Vacation Request System
  3. Asset Tracking
  4. Expense Tracking and Reimbursement
  5. Employee Onboarding
  6. Order Entry and Procurement
  7. Basic CRM /Sales Tracker
  8. Visitor Registration
  9. FAQ Management
  10. Case Management
  11. Event Management
  12. Online Booking (Healthcare)

Visit the showroom here.

Domino Rest API

In June, HCL started a beta program for our new Domino Rest API. Now it’s time for beta 2 which will introduce several updates. We swiped this from Thomas Hampel of HCL’s blog

  • ODATA support was added for reading/writing from/to Domino, which is especially of interest for e.g., Salesforce customers who want to store data in Domino
  • A new Domino server add-in task is provided to start/stop/reload the Domino Rest APIs and show its status from the Domino server console
  • An installer is now allowing to install the Domino Rest APIs on a Domino Linux server. Previously only a docker container was provided 

For more details, about the new features please refer to the changelog of this project. 

Please note: The Domino Rest APIs are still in beta — the first eGA release is scheduled to be shipping with Domino v12.0.1 later this year. Customers interested in joining the beta program can find the required files available for download at HCL’s License and Download Portal

Fix Packs

All these can be found in the License and Download portal.

  • HCL Traveler 12.0 updated with Fix Pack 1 (Technote)
  • HCL Domino 10.0.1 Fix Pack 7

Other Updates

  • The application development pack has new updates
  • HCL Domino C-API Toolkit v12.0 is going to be released end of August
  • HCL Verse 2.2.0 will be providing new features:
    • Updated Sametime integration
    • The ability to restore documents from an archive
    • Added support for Connections 6.5 and 7
    • Enhanced preferences page to manage your availability and other calendar settings
    • Provides updates to freetime search and is improving the PWA capabilities.
  • HCL have a great YouTube channel with a lot of training videos!

From the HCL community

Phew! It never stops! Stay tuned for more blog postings in the coming weeks

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