Nordic Versions of Notes V11.0.1 Available!

Our efforts were not in vain! This week saw the release of Notes V11.0.1 in Danish, Finnish and Norwegian, and it’s all ready for downloading!

Longtime readers of this blog may remember that we lamented the fact that when Notes V11 was originally announced, all Nordic languages except Swedish would be dropped. Of course this didn’t sit well with the business partners, customers and HCL ambassadors in Norway, Finland and Denmark.

After the NCUG conference in Stockholm in 2019, our leader Hogne posted this blog posting where he complained about the fact that HCL had stated during our conference that Notes V11 would not be delivered in Norwegian, Danish, Finnish or Icelandic. He also started a vote for it on the Domino idea’s web page. A short while after he started that vote, the status was set to “needs review.”

Now the status has been set to “shipped”! And if you log on to FlexNet, where you, or your HCL Business Partner, downloads all HCL Software, this is what you will see:

Installation files for Notes V11 in Danish, Finnish and Norwegian

The client is available both  for Windows and for the Mac. As mentioned earlier, Swedish was shipped when the client was originally released, and Icelandic is still missing, and we doubt that will happen.

This goes to show that HCL listens the HCL Ambassadors, to the business partners and to its users. In a comment, Hogne says:

I’m not going to take full credit for getting a Norwegian version, that should go to the entire HCL product team for Notes. However, I did whine and complain a lot. And I’ve been in contact with a lot of people at HCL about it, both in person at conferences and via online meetings, emails and chats. This summer I was also asked to test the Norwegian version, and give feedback about it to HCL directly. A Norwegian customer actually sent me flowers yesterday  to thank me for my efforts, and I’ve also received a lot of thank you messages online.

The HCL Verse mail client for both web and mobile are available in over 30 languages.

There’s no word on when Nordic versions of V12 will be available, but in a meeting this spring, it was hinted that this may happen a short while after the release of V 12.0.1. Fingers crossed!

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