HCL Notes/Domino V12 is Out!

You can now prepare before the official launch of Notes/Domino V12 by downloading the real thing! Yes, Notes/Domino V12 is now out of beta, and in download mode!

V12 of Notes/Domino and the new HCL Sametime Premium will both be launched, globally,  on June 7th. The launch event is virtual, and you can now sign up for it.

However, why not familiarise yourself with the new version beforehand, so that you are fully prepared for the launch in two weeks time?

The way you do that is by downloading V12 from HCL’s FlexNet!

And if you don’t know how to do it, contact your HCL Business Partner (the ones who run and help out with your Notes/Domino environment) and get them to download and deploy it for you.

What’s so great about V12?

We have written several postings about what’s new in Notes/Domino V12, since we signed up as beta testers. Here are the blog postings:

We have also blogged about the new Sametime, which is HCL’s chat, calling and video conferencing platform:

In addition to a registration page, HCL have also published an event page which gives a great summary about why we are so excited about this. You can see videos, get fact sheets and read about why Domino V12 and the new Sametime could save you money. And choose to take your data locally, away from the cloud. Or to a private cloud. The point is: YOU get to choose.

Will we see you at the launch event?

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