The 4th Was With Us – See Our Webinar Recordings Here

The NCUG spring webinar where HCL gave an update on their product portfolio was a great success. And we also had a world premiere! The feedback has been great and a lot of people have wanted recordings. So here they are, in all their glory!

The webinar was held on May the 4th, and the idea behind it was that since we couldn’t have a physical spring seminar this year, we instead did it online. During the webinar product managers and developers from HCL told customers, users and business partners about the following:

  • Notes/Domino V12, which will be released June
  • HCL Nomad, which makes it possible to run your Notes applications on mobile and in a web browser
  • HCL Domino Volt and HCL Volt MX which makes it easy to develop and deploy applications which will run on any device and platform
  • HCL Sametime which makes it possible for you to do video conferencing with  a system you do not need to have in the cloud, unless you want to
  • World premiere: DOMI, which makes it possible to create, update and delete meetings in Teams, Zoom, WebEx and Sametime from your HCL Notes calendar!
  • YOUR questions answered, directly from the people who make these products

All of these sessions were recorded, and to make it as easy as possible for you we have split them up in one video for each of those sessions. You can see all of the videos in this playlist:


We would be very happy if you like and comment on the videos. And of course, we will be incredibly happy if you subscribe to our channel. More content is to come!

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