HCL Digital Week Comes to You

HCL Digital Week

As we have blogged in the past months, there are so much new and cool stuff coming of HCL that benefits your Notes, Domino, Connections, Volt and Sametime solutions. Join Digital Week Comes to You to know even more!

The webinar conference takes place over six hours, spread over two days. That means you got half a day of regular work, and half a day with new up to date information about the tools you use to get your work done.

Here’s the agenda (all times are GMT):

Day 1, March 3rd

10:00 Opening Welcome with Hilary Basford & Paul Mason

10:10 Low Code App Dev for Professionals & Designers – Introducing Volt MX (Mo Zouine)

10:45 From No Code to Low Code with HCL Domino Volt (Ken Krause)

11:30 Your Meeting, Your Data, Double The Value – HCL Sametime Premium (Andy Porter)

12:05 Executive Summary, The Future of Innovation (Francois Nasser)

12:25 “Your Success Is Our Success” – The HCL Software Academy (Luis Guirigay & Tiffany Amos)

12:50 Wrap up (Tony Holder)

Day 2, March 4th

10:00 Opening Welcome with Paul Mason

10:05 The Future of Domino, and Early Preview of Domino v12 (Thomas Hampel)

10:40 A Whole New Way to Surface Domino Applications – Nomad Web (Andy Porter)

11:15 Empower Your People with Connections v7 and O365 Integration (Martti Garden & Matthias Schneider)

11:50 Why Upgrade, What Are the Benefits – Our Programs to Assist You (Luis Guirigay & Andy Porter)

12:25 Beyond the Contract – Our Commitment to You – Client Advocacy Program (Begona Sanchez)

12:45 Thanks, and What Comes Next? (Tony Holder)

Register for the event here.

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