Is Sametime on the Way to Become a Serious Teams Contender?

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HCL Digital Solutions have just announced their first telephony partnership for HCL Sametime. 

HCL Sametime is a video meeting platform that has been around for almost 20 years. After IBM let the platform and product lag behind platforms like Microsoft Teams, HCL is now working very hard to add the functionality you expect from a modern web conferencing and meeting platform, with integrated telephony.

And remember: Sametime can run locally in your company, or on a hosted cloud solution, where you have control over all your data. Just take a look at what Microsoft collects about your organisation, and you, when you use Teams.

And yesterday HCL Digital Solutions announced that they have made their first telephony partnership for Sametime. This means that you can integrate your telephone system with Sametime, and then people can just use the embedded Sametime client inside Notes as their office phone. And since Sametime also works seamlessly on your mobile phone, you have one powerful meeting, chat and telephony platform!

Here’s the press release:

HCL Software intends to extend Sametime Premium with telephony capabilities from an ecosystem of complementary partners. Today, HCL is announcing it is working with ilink, a leading provider of solutions and services for unified communications customers worldwide and an active HCL business partner. The goal is to provide telephony services for the new release of Sametime Premium coming in the first half of 2021. HCL expects to add other such partnerships in 2021.

The integration with ilink will enable Sametime Premium users to call into any Sametime meeting from their phone and participate via telephony-based audio in addition to the internet-based audio available today. A meeting moderator can also dial out from a Sametime meeting to bring in additional participants in audio only mode. Additional telephony features, such as direct “call me” functionality, will be added to later releases. HCL believes this approach will help organizations further reduce their costs compared to other video meeting solutions, where telephony costs can be significantly higher per user.

Further details of the integration will be available nearer to the release.

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About ilink

ilink is an independent software company based in Berlin, Germany. ilink offers enterprise products and services for unified communication solutions for worldwide customers and has excellent know-how and many years of experience in telephony/audio integrations in the datacenter and in the cloud.

More details about this partnership are available directly at the ilink site here.

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