What’s New in the HCL Community #11: Domino V12 is in Beta

Corlett-Wellstone and HCL

Domino V12 is ready for YOU to test it. A really exciting customer case including all our favourite products is presented. And we have webinars, courses and a whole lot of more in this latest news update from us! Read on!

Domino V12

You can now test V12 of Notes and Domino. This is open to all customers. Read how you can join, as well as a list of all improvements in V12 here.

You can also register for  a webinar taking place on February 12th about the Domino V12 beta program.

The Russian user group had their conference in December. HCL gave a presentation on all the improvements for security in V12:


Customer case

Challenge: Provide a virtual office that allows their team of associates to collaborate, network and manage assignments and produce high-quality results for the clients they serve.

Solution: HCL Digital Experience provides entry into a core intranet community based on Connections and Domino for collaboration and communication across the digital workforce.

Results: Associates use this platform to get their work done and to bid on and manage new assignments for on-time delivery. Management can monitor project progress and quality.

Read all about it in this customer case.


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Want to become a Domino Volt hero. Or maybe just see what it’s all about? Read Domino Volt Zero to Hero in 30 days, then!




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