Become a Domino Volt Hero

Domino Volt

Want to know how you can go from not knowing anything about Domino Volt and become a Volt hero? 

If you want to learn how to use Volt, or if you just want to see what it’s all about, you can register for this webinar which takes place on December 16th.

Here’s what HCL say about it:

You’ve all heard the Domino Volt tagline, “Build enterprise apps lightning fast.” But if you’re wondering what “fast” really means, join our webinar to see what you can build in 30 days or less!

We’ll show you examples of apps built with Domino Volt across different use cases, industries, and skill levels. From simple to complex apps, we’ll show you what you can realistically deploy in 30 days. This webinar also covers upcoming plans for Domino Volt, including the latest December release of 1.0.2.

The date is December 16th and it’s at 16:00 CET, which means four in the afternoon in Europe and the Nordic countries, except for UK which is one hour behind and Finland who is one hour ahead (which means it starts 17:00 for them).

Sign up!

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