Adults Can Play in the Sandbox Too

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You can now test HCL Domino Volt and HCL Sametime V11.5 without having to install your own test environment. Use HCL’s sandbox instead. You’re up and running in minutes!

Would you like to find out what Domino Volt and HCL Sametime V11.5 is all about, without having to invest in or install a local demo environment? HCL now gives you a free environment to test and set up your own environment!

With the new sandbox, they are killing two birds with one stone. You only need one account to test both Domino Volt and Sametime V11.5

HCL Domino Volt is a solution where you can set up complete web and mobile based applications without having to do hardly any coding. Create everything from CRMs to workflow applications. Get rid of all those spreadsheets and import them directly into Volt, and create an app from them. Volt runs on Domino, so in addition you will have all the benefits of Domino security, scalability and stability.

HCL Sametime is a video conferencing and meeting platform with persistent chat, running both on the web, on mobile devices and inside HCL Notes. The huge benefit of HCL Sametime is that you can run it on premise, meaning locally inside your organisation, instead of having to use a cloud provider.

You can sign up for the Sandbox here, and start testing. You’ll have fun, believe us!

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