The Volt MX Road Map – Not the Designer Killer You’re Looking For

Domino Volt and Volt MX roadmap

Volt MX has generated a lot of interest, and during Digital Week today, HCL presented their road map for the low code platform.

In an earlier blog posting, we said that Volt MX would most likely be the replacement for Domino Designer. It seems that we jumped the gun a bit on that one. Andrew Manby from HCL reached out to us to clarify some questions that have come up.

Volt MX is one of multiple ways of modernizing Domino apps including App Dev Pack, Domino Volt, Nomad, etc. It should be seen as a great way to build mobile apps and Progressive Web Apps (web applications that functions as standalone apps that can also run when you are offline), like the one described in the demo in yesterday’s posting about MX.

Volt MX should be seen as the extension for “modernizing” Domino applications using the Application Development Pack as a back end data repository.

However, you can already leverage data from Domino and Notes applications in Volt MX. Specifically via the REST APIs in the Domino App Dev Pack and the Volt Foundry middleware (see further down in this posting). This integration scenario will improve after Domino V12 ships.

You can also leverage the Volt Foundry middleware from Domino via the Volt MX LotusScript toolkit, which you can find, free of charge, here.

On to the road map for Volt MX, which we wrote extensively about in this posting:

Domino Volt and Volt MX roadmap

Volt MX roadmap

Here is a look at the Volt MX IDE

Volt MX Designer

The plan for the background technology is this:

Foundry and Iris roadmap fro Volt MX

So, why should you care about MX?

Why is Volt MX important to you as a customer?

Personally, we think this is very promising, especially combined with the previous blog posting we had about HCL’s demo of Volt MX.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “The Volt MX Road Map – Not the Designer Killer You’re Looking For”

    • Not necessarily. What MX does is to make it possible for you to use even ancient Notes applications in more modern and web and mobile based solutions. You can still continue using the Notes application in Notes or Nomad Web. MX just makes it possible to utilise the data inside that Noes app in another way.

    • Agree with you Tinus.

      With xPages going into maintenance only mode Notes/Domino is no longer an all-in-one solution for mail, calendaring, client and web development. For me the unique selling point of Notes/Domino is you have a simple server install that does it all.

      Domino is losing part of it’s competitive advantage, increasing complexity and moving into an area where it will have to compete with already established multi tier web platforms/approaches.

      The problem is if customers are forced into the multi-tier approach to web development then they’ll look at already established platforms. I fear it could drive customers away from the platform.


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