Domino, Notes and Designer V12 Roadmap

HCL Notes, Domino, Domino Admin and Domino Designer V12 logos

First of all: Notes has it’s own logo again! And if you were wondering what the plans for the Notes, Designer and Admin clients are, the Domino roadmap revealed a few details.

HCL Digical Week 2020 continues, and we are there to give you the latest.

For five and a half years, nothing happened with Notes and Domino. Nothing! In 2018 HCL took over development, and in the span of two and a half years, we will have received three updates to the entire platform:

HCL Domino Roadmap

The key points for Domino V12 are:

Keypoints for Domino V12


So what does this mean when it comes to features? Take a look:

Detailed Domino V12 features


The biggest news here for the administrators: You can use whatever backup system you want to use for Domino V12!

Domino V12 will also be available on most Linux platforms, and you will be able to use your cloud hosting service of choice:

Domino Cloud Native


With V12, you will no longer need to think about about encryption for your web solutions. Certificates expiring is a thing of the past:

Let's Ecnrypt on Domino V12

Verse on premise will be the only webmail available with V12, as iNotes is no longer supported. Here are the upcoming priorities for Verse:

HCL Verse - Upcoming priorities

The Nomad Web Client will make it possible for you to run Notes in your web browser. You will even be able to create this as normal app icon on your computer, and open it a sa so called progressive web app. After Nomad Web has been published, the aim for HCL is to deliver a design and user interface that makes the product portfolio appear with one integrated user experience:

Domino - Nomad - Sametime - Verse

The huge benefit with Nomad Web is that you can run a fully functional Notes client in your web-browser. No longer do you have to think about specialised installations for Citrix and terminal servers, or different settings for onsite and offsite Notes clients.

And yes, HCL Notes V12 will get a facelift. The use interface will be updated and get new and more modern looking icons. The workspace will be lighter and more elegant. And since the client is lighter, performance will be better:

HCL Notes installation performance improved

Other improvements:

  • You will now be able to change sender address in the From field (does this mean you can connect to more than one mail account in the same mail file?)
  • Different mail signatures for different sender addresses
  • The Notes client will just have one installation file for all supported languages, no longer do you need to work with dictionary files or language pakcs!
  • And the Notes client will get a new branding and a brand new logo!

HCL Notes V12 installation improvements

These are the languages that will be supported in Notes V12:

HCL Notes V12 Language support

As for us in the Nordics, only Sweden can really celebrate with the first release. In Norway, Denmark and Finland, we will have to wait for 12.01. Iceland will have to go with English, it seems.

There’s been a lot of questions about Domino Designer and Administrator. HCL talked a bit about this, and they said they had plans for upgrading the Designer to make it easier to work in a more modern development world. The Administrator wasn’t mentioned, but it seems that Designer will have a focus on mobile. It will also get an overhaul when it comes to user interface and design:

HCL Domino Designer V12

If you have ideas for HCL about Notes, Domino, Designer, Administrator, Verse and the Domino portfolio, you can contribute and give them feedback:

Domino Ideas Portal

What do you think of the road map for Notes and Domino V12? Let us know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Domino, Notes and Designer V12 Roadmap”

  1. Hate to be negative with the commitment HCL have shown, but ……… I am totally confused.
    Lots of focus on making Notes apps available in a browser but no, much needed and obvious, enhancements to the core design elements, so what’s the point if there is no future in using Notes core elements.

    Approx 1000 suggestions on Dominoforever in relation to development of the core elements and virtually none with a status of planning to implement so, despite the enthusiasm from the community, posting suggestions seems pointless.
    No development on the extremely versatile XPages, so another dead end.
    All the focus on Volt, just seems like tinkering around the edge of the problem, but maybe I am missing something obvious.


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