Why You Should Upgrade to Domino V11

Domino V11 launch

Are you still on the fence about upgrading to Domino and Notes V11? Here’s why you should just do it!

V11 has now been out for a year, and the inevitable bugs and snafoos have been fixed and the platform is being constantly worked and followed up on. In a lot of organisations and companies, the powers that be are still on the fence on whether they should upgrade or not. But there really isn’t any reason for this, as the costs for upgrading are nothing compared to staying on an outdated platform. Nor will you need a lot of manpower or time to do it. And: Your trusted old Notes and Domino based systems will continue to work after the upgrade, without the need for any modifications!

Let me quote from this posting by HCL’s Mat Newman:

Project Eleven is based on a very simple premise: If you are running a supported Operating System, and you have active Software Subscription and Support, HCL Software is providing full support for an upgrade of ANY previous release of Domino DIRECTLY to Version 11.01.

It doesn’t matter if you are running 8, 9, or something even older. Hassle free. Simple. Easy upgrade. Direct to Version 11.01. No longer is there a complicated requirement to step through multiple sequential versions to get to the latest release.

In order to assist you through this process, HCL Software has enabled the HCL Technical Advisor Team and our Business Partner network with the knowledge and skills to help guide you through this process. We have also created a mini-site where you can access Webinars, Workshops, and technical resources to help in this process.

To make this process as simple as possible we are only stipulating two requirements:

1. That your server is running a currently supported Operating System, and
2. That you are actively licensed with Subscription and Support.

You can also go to the Project Eleven web site for more details.

If you are an administrator and you want a complete step-by-step guide on how to do this, our friends at Prominic have created a fantastic posting on how to do it.

And Andy Porter from HCL has created this handy slide deck for you:


So there aren’t really any arguments against upgrading anymore. Especially if you are considering moving to another platform. Thanks to the new functionality on the server, it’s much, much easier to create web based solutions without having to migrate your data from Domino. And with Nomad, you don’t even have to do much development to use your Notes applications on your cell phone or tablet:



So now you can proudly go to the the powers that be and say: We should upgrade! Because this things goes to 11!

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