Get Early Access to What’s Coming Next for Domino

HCL Domino Early Access Program

HCL now gives you the chance to test new program features before the release. It’s called the HCL Domino Early Access Program, and is a great opportunity to have your say about the products.

The program was just recently announced, and it even gives you the opportunity to test Domino and Notes V12. This goes to show how much HCL has invested in the product, considering that it took almost ten years between V9 and V10. And in the last two years, we’ve gone to V11, and V12 will be out in 2021!

Here’s what HCL says about the program:

This program provides a preview of features and functionality that may be shipped with a future version of HCL Domino and gives us the ability to incorporate your valuable feedback. At this stage, we are providing early access to features that contribute to HCL Domino v12.

The Early Access Program aims to get feedback on specific features, with a more formal traditional beta program planned at a later stage to receive feedback on the overall release quality and language packaging.

The next code drop (feature you will be able to test) is something that a lot of those who are administering Domino for web solutions have craved: Automating the creation and management of SSL Certificates for Domino Web servers through the Let’s Encrypt® certificate authority.

Documentation about the early access program can be found here.

Read all about the program, and on how to join, here.

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