The Domino Resource Guide is What You Need Right Now

The HCL Domino Resource Library

HCL has collected anything you might need for Domino on one single site. Upgrade guides, horrors stories from companies that have migrated away from Domino, forums, licensing guides, a cost calculator and much more!

The Domino Resource Library was recently published. You can explore the latest HCL Domino case studies, webinars, product resources, and more. There are several sections on the site.

Explore featured resources

We have written a lot about Volt here on this site. Ready to try it? You can register for free and play around in the Domino sandbox. No installations necessary!

There is also a webinar on how upgrade to Domino V11 (there is absolutely no reason to be on 9 or earlier versions) you can watch here.

There is also a section called Rethink Domino. This is a a very interesting page where you can see:

  • A cost calculator
  • How to get in touch for the best guidance on how to improve your Domino environment
  • How to bring your Domino apps on to mobile and tablets, fast, efficiently and for a low cost
  • Migration horror stories, where companies who thought they would save money by migrating away ended up with much bigger costs
  • And more

Help & support

You can find help, documentation, support and discussion in this section. You can even submit ideas in their idea portal.

What’s new in Domino V11?

This latest version of Domino is more modern than before and has a lower total cost of ownership.

And more

And that’s just parts of what you can find in the Domino Resource Guide. You can see several webinars about Volt, learn what powers Volt, read 5 myths about Domino, an App Migration Calculator, see what a traditional looking Notes application looked like after modernisation and read success stories from several customers.

This is an awesome resource, and we urge you to visit the Domino Resource Guide, and bring your boss, CEO, colleagues, friends, relatives, dog, lover(s) and random people form the street!

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