The NCUG Conference in Copenhagen in November is cancelled

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It’s with a heavy heart we have to cancel the Nordic Collaboration User Group’s planned conference that was to take place in Copenhagen in November.

Our guess is that not many of you are shocked by this. The situation with Corona is still bad, and in some parts of the world it’s worse than ever. As we were closing in on the latest cancellation date that the venue in Copenhagen were willing to give us, we realised we had to make a decision.

Here are the main reasons for this decision:

  • NCUG is a part of Common Norge, and the board of Common Norge decided during the last board meeting that all physical meetings would be cancelled for the rest of the year.
  • We were told by sponsors and HCL that as of now they had no means to give us any financial support this year
  • Several NCUG members and attendees from previous conferences told us that they would not be allowed to go
  • Potential speakers told us they were neither willing to risk going, nor would their employer risk it
  • A lot of potential attendees have actually lost their jobs
  • It’s impossible to predict the Corona situation in November
  • There were two other conferences also being planned for November
  • Other user conferences have cancelled their physical events and have put up virtual events instead

All of these factors made it necessary to reach a conclusion now. After all: We would have to get sponsors and speakers, as well as start promoting the conference soon. And with all these odds staked against us, the NCUG conference in 2020 is cancelled.

As of now we have no plans to do a virtual version of the conference. We are contemplating doing 2-3 webinars, each lasting 1-2 hours, each month this autumn, instead. The goal is to have something for the Nordic market and our members, as we in the HCL community severely needs it. Our hope is to cooperate with HCL and have them present news, demos and and have Q & A’s.

Stay tuned for some announcements around that.

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