HCL Helps With Covid-19, the Red Cross and With Your Education

HCL Connections and Covid 19

HCL are not resting on their laurels when it comes to their collaboration portfolio. Here are the recent announcements, including a brand new HCL Digital Solutions Academy for you! 

These examples are perfect examples on what HCL Connections can be used for.

Helping governments fight Covid-19

During a crisis like the pandemic we are experiencing these days, the biggest challenge is to share information across organisations that are mostly used to working within their own silos. During such times information also changes constantly needs to be updated frequently. This is also a big challenge.

This is exactly what public services in the UK experienced during the pandemic. HCL Connections to the rescue, by doing the following:

  • Delivering real-time data
  • Access for all
  • Timely information
  • Centralized messaging
  • Shared agendas and activities
  • Content creation collaboration
  • Powerful search
  • Public access to content

Read all about this fascinating case in this posting. Use the arrows at the bottom to navigate.

Success story with the Swiss Red Cross

The Swiss Red Cross (SRC), Canton of Zurich, needed a way for its dynamic team of employees and volunteers to effectively communicate and collaborate.

HCL Connections was introduced by Belsoft (BP) and deployed at SRC of Zurich to provide a means for quick and easy access to project information by both internal and external team members

Thanks to Connections, the team now has 100% ability to share information and quickly bring volunteers up-to-speed on project details so that they are productive on Day One.

Read the entire story.

HCL Digital Solutions Academy

This is something that was sorely missed for years when IBM owned this portfolio. HCL has now announced that they now will be creating and sharing content in a regular cadence — through webinars, demos, articles, social media, events, and email — under the umbrella of the HCL Digital Solutions Academy. And this will be international!

Now, if that’s not worth celebrating, I don’t know what is. The first webinars are already announced, and there are almost 50 already!

And yes: Technical certifications is on their road map.

Read all about the academy

5 myths about Domino you need to stop believing right now

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