How to Import Your Microsoft Teams Calendar into Your HCL Notes Calendar

Teams calendar entries inside Notes

A lot of organisations are using both HCL Notes and Microsoft Teams, despite no integration between these two products. Here is how you can see all your Teams meetings inside your Notes calendar. 

It’s no surprise that Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook are tightly integrated, since both products are delivered by Microsoft.

There are however many organisations that use Teams, but are not using the Outlook calendar. The two most widely used alternatives are HCL Notes (previously Lotus/IBM Notes) and Google Calendar, which is a part of Gmail.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to create Teams meetings from neither Notes nor Google Calendar, at least not out of the box.

There is an alternative, though, that makes it possible to display all your Teams meetings inside your Notes (or Google) Calendar. You still have to create the meetings in Teams, but they will also be displayed inside your Notes calendar. The big advantage is that you will be able to see your entire meetings schedule inside one calendar, instead of having to jump between the Teams and Notes calendar.

Read Hogne’s blog posting for all the details on how to do this!

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    • Take it up with Microsoft. They could have made it so much easier. But most people Hogne has given this manual to has been able to do it.

  1. I chose my Google mail as a try and I was allowed to do so. However, I have not received any email sharing from Outlook Calendar in my inbox. Demanding?


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