Everything You Need to Know About Domino Volt

Domino Volt

On Thursday HCL did a webinar about the awesome new low code product Domino Volt. Here are all your questions about what Volt is and how it can be used, answered! 

Domino Volt is a solution for building apps up to 70% faster than your average app development speed. And you don’t need to be a programmer to do it. It can be done with drag and drop.


You can:

  • Automate manual spreadsheet, email and paper-based processes
  • Create forms and workflow apps to streamline operations
  • Easily integrate and extend your apps to build more complex solutions
  • Create an app from scratch
  • Take an Excel spreadsheet and create a complete app out of it
  • Copy an existing Domino Volt app and use it as a template for new app
  • Add workflow and notifications
  • Set role based access to all the workflow stages
  • View data as lists, summary charts, in Excel after a quick export or access them from other applications via API
  • Use REST APIs to integrate with other enterprise data solutions and applications, such as SAP, SalesForce or Workday
  • Extend and enhance your Domino Volt app with HTML, JavaScript and CSS (why not stay true to your company’s design theme, for example)


Domino Volt uses a standard Domino server. You can easily start using it on your existing Domino servers, it does not require it’s own dedicated server. Everything is built up with good old traditional .nsf files:

Domino Volt Architecture


  • All app designs are stored and managed in a Notes application called ViltBuilder.nsf
  • Every single one of your Domino Volt apps has its own dedicated nsf file that contains the generated design elements and all the document data
  • Volt fetches data from Domino via Domino Access Service but in the next release it will be done via direct access
  • The security model for Domino Volt works just fine with the ACL of the nsf files
  • You can see all the forms you create in the Domino Volt app as standard notes forms inside the app
  • You can edit the design inside Domino Designer, but it’s not recommended that you edit the subforms or image libraries
  • You can add agents that you can call from the Volt app
Domino Volt form in Domino Designer
This is what a form in a Volt app looks like in Domino Designer. Familiar, eh?


For license prices, go to Hogne’s blog posting about the future licensing prices for the Domino platform, including Domino Volt.



TexasSwede has created an awesome demo where he shows you some great examples on how to use Domino Volt:

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