What’s New in the HCL Community #6

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A Norwegian company and a Norwegian HCL Business partner is highlighted by HCL, you get your Domino Volt questions answered and there’s a Sametime webinar! Read all about it here!

Norwegian customer reference

HCL Digital has a monthly newsletter where they tell you about the latest happenings within their portfolio. In the latest newsletter the Norwegian company Arvid Gjerde AS is highlighted in the Domino presentation PDF that is linked to from the newsletter.

Arvid Gjerde is using a very complex and impressive solution developed by the Norwegian HCL Business partner, and consultant company, called iSi. They were also one of the sponsors of our spring seminar last year (and our leader, Hogne, works there).

In the PDF, the CEO of Arvid Gjerde is quoted:

“We attribute our company’s success to its loyal and competent employees,
its highly equipped, top-grade machinery and its fully integrated, powerful
and comprehensive platform based on Domino, which easily integrates
with essential applications and allows for real-time checks and analysis of
every project step. We like to say we are making roadways and bridges
safer in Norway – and saving lives along the way!”
– Marcus Brevik, CEO, Arvid Gjerde

You can see a a video of iSi’s solution for Arvid Gjerde here.

Verse on Premise

Are you a user of HCL Verse on Premise (VOP)? That’s the modern webmail for Domino, which will replace iNotes completely in V12 of Domino. If you are a user, HCL wants your feedback in this survey.

Domino Volt

Domino Volt is a solution where you can build complete Domino based solutions without doing any coding. You can build forms and forms-based workflow apps with it. You can use it to augment your existing Domino applications.

For more details, read this presentation. It’s very good! Or you can simply watch this live demo of it:


Domino Volt is now in an open beta, and you can register for it here!

HCL has also published a blog posting where all questions after the recent webinar for beta testers were answered.

Sametime V11

A lot is happening on the Sametime front. For those of you now in the know, Sametime is HCL’s chat and conferencing tool. A lot has happened since they bought the product from IBM. It’s much simpler to install, run and administer now.

You can register for an upcoming webinar and learn all about it!

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