It’s Time to Engage Again


The conference Engage is taking place on March 3rd and 4th this year. Come with us to Burgers’ Zoo Arnhem, Netherlands and meet your HCL Masters!

Engage has turned into the new Lotusphere, and over 400 people from all over the world travel to one of the Benelux countries every year to take part in it.

HCL Grand Master, Theo Heselmans (who also presented at our event in Stockholm last year), is this year taking us to Arnhem, in the Netherlands, and we will go to the Burger’s Zoo.

There are over 86 sessions(!) during the conference. In addition there will also be workshops on Monday 2nd of March. But the main conference starts on Tuesday.

Four of our Nordic Champions will be there: Arne Nielsen (Norway), Jan F. Zeuthen (Denmark), Maria Nordin (Sweden) and our  very own Hogne (Norway) will be there to give sessions during the conference.

In addition to the awesome agenda, you should also go because:

  • You get to meet the product owners and managers (if you want to meet with them one on one, get in touch with Arne Nielsen or Hogne to set it up!)
  • You will get all the latest news from HCL and their business partners
  • You will make new and important business connections
  • You can share your own thoughts and ideas
  • It’s bloody fun!

So go to the Engage web site and sign up now!


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