Successful Domino V11 Launch Party for iSi

Dinner during Domino launch party

On December 4th 2019, HCL launched Notes/Domino V11, Sametime V11 and HCL Connections 6.5 with a worldwide launch party. This was done with the help of business partners having their own local launch parties. This is a report from Hogne’s employer, iSi, and their event.

iSi is an HCL business partner. They invited both their Notes/Domino and web based Domino customers. First Hogne held a presentation about the story of Notes, Domino and Sametime, and told about the takeover. He also talked about the relationship hey have with their customers. iSi is located in a small village in a small municipality in Norway, and are very close to their customers, on all levels.

Then it was time for the launch. Go to Hogne’s own blog posting for a summary about what was presented, and all available videos, with demos!

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