What Does the Future Hold For the IBM Cloud Customer?

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Earlier this year HCL announced that while they have bought all of IBM’s collaboration platforms, they will not be continuing IBM’s cloud services. This has lead many IBM Cloud customers go: “So now what are we going to do?”

And make no mistake: The customers are worried! That was displayed inn full force at Let’s Connect in Munich, where the debate got very heated during HCL’s presentation about the future for cloud customers. We weren’t at this presentation, but to quote a friend of mine: “Bottom line is: They have no news to give us.”

But now it seems that HCL actually have some news to give us. There is a webinar on October 30th at 16:00 CET, where HCL promise to give you the scoop about three key elements:

First, we will share the names of the inaugural geo-based HCL Managed Service Provider partners which we believe are well-poised to deliver cloud services to you. For example, services such as: 1) Private cloud services for Mail, Apps, and Sametime Chat 2) Multi-tenant cloud services for Connections, Engagement Center & Sametime Chat.

Second, we will share the concepts being formulated for migration of your mail and content before the services end in July 2020.

Third, what you can expect from the HCL roadmap as we continue to optimize Domino, Connections, and Sametime for offerings that matter to you.

In other words: You now have a chance to learn how you can migrate and to whom. If you are a cloud customer or business partner, we would seriously urge you to register for this webinar.


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