The Latest News About HCL Connections from Let’s Connect

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Our leader, Hogne was at Let’s Connect (previously known as Social Connections) this week. Here’s his report on the latest news about HCL Connections!

Let’s Connect (they changed the name of the conference from Social Connections during the opening) is a conference concentrating on HCL Connections (previously IBMConnections), social collaboration and enterprise social networks. Customers, users, partners and HCL are there to share knowledge, expertise, make deals, discuss and publish news. All these bases were covered during the conference.

One of my favourite parts of the conference is to hear what customers have been doing with Connections and the HCL collaboration portfolio. Stefanie Preiser from Continental Tires did a presentation on how their huge organisation had moved from Notes/Domino to Office 365 and Teams for Collaboration. However, they still use HCL Connections, which was crucial during the transition over to a new way to work. They’ve used Connections since 2012, and someone in the audience asked why they were still using it when they have moved to Teams. And that’s when Stefanie said something I just adored:

“Now that we have Teams, we need Connections more than ever! Because Teams creates silos, while Connections tear them down.” Meaning: Teams is good for that, namely team work. But for true cross-company collaboration, you need a tool like Connections. It’s not a question of one or the other, it’s a question of using the best of both tools.

Read the rest at Hogne’s blog!

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