See All the New Downloads Waiting For You From HCL

HCL keeps on delivering and you can now download a bunch of Domino related upgrades and fixes. See them all here.

These are the three main releases from HCL lately.

HCL Verse On-Premises 1.08

The ultra modern web client for Domino mail has gotten a face lift and some fixes, which include:


  • Enhancements to the calendar event design preview 
  • Calendar event encryption, name display in native language, improved detail around user response to recurring meetings, and the addition of comments when canceling meetings
  • See names in your native language — in work environments that use internationally-recognized names, your administrator may allow you to see names in their native languages and character sets (these are known as alternate names)
  • See your archived mail — if you archive your mail to an archive database on a server using another client such as iNotes, or if your administrator archives your mail on a server for you, you can now open the archive mail file from the folder panel to see the archived messages
  • More support for encrypted meeting notifications (invitations and responses)
  • Font sizes are consistent with Notes and iNotes — for example, Arial 14 is rendered the same size in Verse, Notes, and iNotes. Previously, the Verse font size was smaller.  
  • Improved web browser experience enabled by default 
  • New password and Notes ID features — you can change the password that you use to log in to Verse, change your Notes ID password, and manage your Notes ID 
  • Server support for IBM i — Verse is now supported on a Domino 10.0.1 server running on IBM i version V7R2 or V7R3

Contact the HCL Business Partner who takes care of your licensing for download and installation of Verse (most likely the same company that delivered your IBM licenses).

HCL App Dev Pack 1.0.2

The AppDev Pack is an add-on for HCL Domino that lets users connect Domino applications with Node.js projects and create new applications on the web, so that you don’t need to migrate from Domino.

Highlights of the new version:

  • Improving the IAM service. The Identity and Access Management (IAM) service enables remote applications to authenticate to Domino using the OAuth2.0 protocol. With version 1.0.2 of the AppDev Pack the service is improved with: 
    • More efficiently leverage multiple CPU cores on the server 
    • Ability to configure token expiration 
    • Support third-party statistics server integration through ‘StatsD’ protocol 
  • The ability to create and read Names, Readers and Authors items
  • The ability to create, read and delete attachments 
  • The ability for Proton, which is the Domino server task, to update the Domino directory with an application’s certificate   

In addition, HCL are providing a preview of a feature called “Act as User” which lets domino-db applications now request the ability to make requests on behalf of a user. The feature is implemented across multiple components from the AppDev pack such as: 

  • IAM Service: in the Domino Database Access section and related sections on other pages
  • Act as User Administration in Proton Configuration and Database Configuration
  • Act as User in domino-db module 

Contact your HCL Business Partner for access to and installation of the application development pack.

Notes/Domino Fix Pack 3 for V 10.0.1

I guess this is the one that will be most important for you. There’s one fix pack for the Domino server and one for the client. The fix pack applies to all languages, so the same fix pack works for all regions and languages. You can also install this without having installed earlier fix packs. Most important issues that are fixed:

Notes client

  • Fixed a problem where the Notes client would hang on exit when Replication on exit was enabled
  • If EnableThreeClicks ini is set to 1, user will be required to enter three clicks for opening attachments and URLs, as mandated by the EU.  This option is off by default
  • Fixed a problem in the Notes client where Widgets would not work
  • Fixed a Notes client crash on Windows 10 V1809 whenever the user tried to remotely connect to their machine via Remote Desktop Protocol
  • Fixed a problem in the Notes client where, if the Notes preference Open each document in new window has been set, the first window opened cannot be closed
  • Fixed a problem with the Notes calendar where setting the body text to any proportionally spaced font then reopening the saved calendar entry would result in the body text having been changed toDefault Monospace font.  This regression was introduced in 10.0
  • Fixed a problem where the Notes client would hang when using a particular widget
  • Fixed a problem in Xpages in the Mac Client where an error 500 page was being displayed when trying to launch an Xpage app
  • Fixed a problem in the Notes client where certain SMIME messages would crashing when being opened
  • Mac client now has an updated version of the JVM – 1.8 (IBM) SR5 FP30

Domino server

  • Fixed a problem with DAOS resync where deletion and copy style compact were not possible after DAOS resync due to an error “File is in use by another program”
  • Fixed a problem where, when creating new replicas (where the target replica is a stub), if a corrupt folder note exists in the source database, replication might retry replicating the corrupt folder note and not complete.
  • Fixed a problem where Xpages documents would not show an inserted image if an attachment had been uploaded to the document. The MIME data type was not getting set to Content-Type:multipart/related
  • Fixed a problem where Adminp was failing trying to create replicas of large databases (250gb) on large disks (2TB).  It would incorrectly state there was insufficient space.  The workaround is to create the replica directly in the UI and not use adminp. This issue has been corrected
  • Fixed a problem in the Domino SMTP server where a non-ascii internet message address phrase lost its encoding when being stored in a Notes item.
  • Fixed a problem in the Domino server where the Tika java process was not being shutdown when the update task was restarted
  • Fixed a problem in the HTML Parser where the router would sometimes hang while processing styles
  • Fixed a problem with the Domino server where the Java Tika process was not terminating cleanly on Domino server shutdown on non windows platforms


  • Fixed a problem in iNotes where, using IE, the Notes ID management dialog box became blank after the internet certificate was imported
  • Fixed a problem where hyper links in the mail body were truncated if the URL had spaces
  • Fixed a problem where the mail body contents in bidirection environment didn’t appear in the correct direction

You can download the fix pack HCL Partner Connect. If you are not a business partner, contact the HCL Business Partner who takes care of your licensing  (most likely the same company that delivered your IBM licenses).

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